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Recent Feedback

Ordination of Thomas S Monson as an apostle

President Monson was ordained an apostle by Joseph Fielding Smith not David O McKay even according to your line of authority chart. He was another apostle and president of the Church not ordained an apostle by a prophet at the time he was ordained.. I was set apart as a temple president by Dale G Renlud who gave me his line of authority that shows that he was ordained an apostle by President Monson who was ordained an apostle by Joseph Fielding Smith. There is a conflict in your own charts

Steven L Bates, President of the Spokane Washington Temple

Response from LDS Facts

5/6/18 Thank you so much for that information. I will make the change on my website. Much appreciated.
5/7/18 I made the change on the line of authority page, adding the statement that “President Joseph Fielding Smith was not president of the Church when he ordained Elder Monson to the apostleship”. If there is somewhere else on the website that needs correcting, please let me know the link. Thanks so much.

Scripture Chains

Thank you for sharing your scripture chains. I am just starting to go through them as a topical study. These are great! There appears to be a broken link for Leadership: don’t covet callings or positions of authority!

Tina Carlson

Response from LDS Facts

5/6/18 – Thank you so much. I will check the broken chain regarding Leadership: don’t covet. I am so glad you are finding them to be of value. They have been a labor of love over many years, but I am so grateful I have them. They have come to my aid numerous times! Thanks again.
5/7/18 – Problem solved. The “Leaders shouldn’t covet higher callings” chain is now functional. Thanks for bringing the “broken link” to my attention.

Elder hales

His death date i formation is not showing on your site

Susan nicholes

Tabular data has a wide left margin

Thanks for putting together such awesome facts. I noticed that on pages that show tabular data, there is a very wide left margin of about 25% of the page width. I am using an iPad and it happens in both Safari and Chrome.

Bryan Amundson

Reference needed

Do you have any record of where this story comes from? It’s quite wonderful, but I would love a citation

Brian Hall

Response from LDS Facts

This story was related by my father-in-law, Elder Glen L. Rudd, who was a personal friend of President Lee. I will check his journals to see if I can actually find in it writing. Thank you for your interest. You emphasize a good point – I need to have references for the items on the website. I will step up my game plan.


President Monson died and therefore none of the apostles ordained by David O. McKay are still alive. Website is a treasure trove! Thank you Thank you.

Brent Goode

Response from LDS Facts

That is an excellent observation about President McKay and those he ordained. The passing of President Monson ended that era. Thank you for your kind comments! Michael Taylor.

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