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‘Miracle of Forgiveness’ scripture chain index

President Spencer W. Kimball wrote a classic book dealing with repentance and forgiveness entitled ‘Miracle of Forgiveness’.  It was originally published in 1969.  President Kimball relied heavily upon modern and ancient scripture as he wrote his book.  I have “chained” the scriptures that he cited regarding the many topics discussed in the book.  Click on any of the links below to explore the chains.

Following each listed scripture, you will find a letter and a number.  B = Bible, M = Book of Mormon, D = Doctrine and Covenants, and P = Pearl of Great Price.  The number is the page number of the associated Standard Work wherein the scripture is located.  The page numbers correlate with the standard editions of the LDS scriptures.  The lists do not always start in the Bible and move through to the Pearl of Great Price.  A list can start or end in any one of the Standard Works.  Following each title on the various pages and in the index below, you will see a number.  These numbers are simply to help me with cataloging my chains

02.       This life is the time for men to prepare to meet God   (#3)
02. A.   Procrastination is hazardous   (#4)
06. F.    Avoid the thought, masturbation   (#28)
11.        Repent!     (#42)
11. A.   Consequences of sin    (#43)
12.       Process of repentance (conviction, awareness, awakening)
12. A.   Recognition   (#44)
13. E.   Take the initiative!   (#65)
14.        Avoiding pitfalls
14. A.   Don’t flirt with sin   (#66)
17.       As we forgive our debtors   (#73)
18.       Time of reckoning   (#74)
18. A.   Why do the wicked prosper?   (#75)
19. A.   Excommunication   (#80)
19. B.   False claims   (#81)
20.       God will forgive   (#82)

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