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templefirsts (“First” temples)

“First” temples

Following is a list of interesting “firsts” regarding the temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

  • The first temple of the latter-days — Kirtland Ohio Temple, 1833
  • The first temple dedicated of those temples that are currently operating — St. George Utah Temple, 1877
  • The first temple dedicated outside of North America — Laie Hawaii Temple, 1919
  • The first temple in a country other that the United States or its territories — Cardston Alberta Temple, 1923
  • The first temple with ordinances in a language other than English — Mesa Arizona Temple, Spanish language, beginning in 1945
  • The first temple in Europe — Bern Switzerland Temple, 1955
  • The first temple with a primary language other than English — Bern Switzerland Temple, 1955
  • The first temple in the Southern Hemisphere — Hamilton New Zealand Temple, 1958
  • The first temple in South America — Sao Paulo Brazil Temple, 1978
  • The first temple in Asia — Tokyo Japan Temple, 1980
  • The first temple in Africa — Johannesburg South Africa Temple, 1985
  • The first temple in a country under Communist rule — Freiberg Germany Temple, 1985
  • The first multi-level, multi-purpose temple building — Hong Kong China Temple, 1996  (Note: The Hong Kong China Temple was the first multi-level, multi-function temple building constructed by the Church.  The top three levels are dedicated to temple use, with the temple baptistery below ground, along with an underground parking area.  Other floors include a chapel and apartments for the temple president and the China Hong Kong Mission president.

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