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The purpose of this website is to present interesting and instructional information about the General Authorities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, both past and present.  Data about temples, missionary work, and growth of the Church is also presented. Hopefully, this material will not only be informative, but uplifting and inspiring as well. This website is not sponsored by nor endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Michael Taylor is solely responsible for its content. Suggestions, comments, or corrections are welcomed at [email protected]. I do my best to keep the information and data on this website current, but at times I fall behind in keeping up-to-date.  Feel free to let me know of areas that need updating.


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Information about the LDS Church:  general information about LDS beliefs


Current General Authorities:  information about our current General Authorities


General Auxiliary Officers: current Auxiliary officers and setting-apart dates


General Authority & Church facts quizzes:  questions about our authorities and history


Church growth:  information pertaining to the growth and expansion of the Church


First Presidencies:  information pertaining to the First Presidencies of the Church


Prophets:  a plethora of data about the Presidents of the Church in our dispensation


Apostles:  data about the brethren who have served and are serving as apostles


Seventy:  information about the Seventy, including the 2nd through 8th quorums


Miscellaneous General Authority Information:  facts about various authorities


Temples Information:  varied and informative facts about our latter-day temples


Uplifting Stories, Scripture Jokes, Puns, and Adages:  scripture jokes, puns, & stories


The Ultimate Book of Mormon Quiz:  quiz questions about the Book of Mormon


The Ultimate New Testament Quiz:  quiz questions about the New Testament