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“General Authorities information &

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints information” website

 (as well as a website containing sundry other intriguing topics)

Compiled by Michael Taylor of Provo, Utah

The main purpose of this website is to present interesting and instructional information about the General Authorities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (past and present), temples, missionary work, and growth of the church.  Several other topics, both church-related and non-church-related, are included, all of which are listed in the menu below.  Hopefully, this material will not only be informative, but uplifting, inspiring, and entertaining as well.

  1. This website is not sponsored by nor endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Michael Taylor is solely responsible for its content. 
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                                        * Main Menu, Church-related, listed alphabetically *

  • “Answers To Gospel Questions” — a guide to the doctrinal 5-volume set by President Joseph Fielding Smith, the 10th President of the Church
  • Basic LDS information and doctrine  — basic and general information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its doctrine
  • Church growth — statistics regarding the growth and expansion of the church in this dispensation
  • ‘Engravos’ — Description of and references to possible engraving errors found throughout the Book of Mormon
  • General authorities — facts and figures about our General Authorities of this dispensation
  • “Jesus The Christ” vocabulary words — erudite words used by Elder Talmage in his landmark book, for the edification of all
  • ‘Miracle of Forgiveness’ scripture chains — scripture chains from President Kimball’s classic book, dealing with repentance
  • Missionary matters – stories, articles, and other material pertaining to missionaries and missionary work
  • Our Savior  — various items and topics relating to the Lord, Jesus Christ
  • Quizzes — entertaining quiz questions dealing with General Authorities, church history, and general topics, to test your acumen
  • Scripture chains — a wide-ranging collection of scriptures related by topic or doctrine, and organized into ‘chains’
  • Scriptures — commentaries, stories, scripture mastery verses
  • Temples and Visitors’ Centers — varied interesting information about latter-day temples and numerous visitors’ center

                                     * Main Menu, non-Church-related, listed alphabetically *

  • Glen L. Rudd Foundation — information about a wonderful charitable foundation honoring Elder Glen L. Rudd
  • Names, unique — unusual or uncommon names, of individuals and of family groups, that I have collected over the years
  • Personal items — my remembrances, my thoughts, my experiences, my journals
  • Stories, jokes, puns — uplifting, edifying and entertaining stories, scripture jokes, and scripture puns, including knee-slappers and groaners
  • Anesthesia — items relating to my profession

                                                           **  Entertaining Quizzes & Quips of the Month  **
                                                                                          ( November and December 2018 )


  • Scripture joke of the month: Jeremiah 10:3-4 — Christmas trees mentioned in the Bible?  Yes, indeed!  These verses state that men cut trees out of a forest, deck them with gold and silver, and then fasten the trees with nails so that they won’t move.  Sounds like our Christmas tree customs, doesn’t it?  More scripture jokes can be found by clicking here.
  • Hymn joke of the month: Favorite hymn of LDS lawyers?  Hymn # 122, “Though Deepening Trials Throng Your Way”.  More hymn jokes can be found by clicking here.
  • Engravo of the month:  Alma 14:11 — “..and he doth suffer that they may do this thing, OR THAT THE PEOPLE MAY DO THIS THING UNTO THEM,” Without the explanatory phrase, there would have been confusion as to whom the pronoun “they” referred.  More engravos (as well as an explanation of what an engravo is) can be found by clicking here.
  • Church history quiz of the monthQUESTION:  Wilford Woodruff was baptized into the church on December 31, 1833, at age 26.  He was baptized in an icy river in upstate New York. Wilford stated that the river was a mixture of snow, water, and ice.  The snow was three feet deep at the water’s edge.  Wilford didn’t mind the cold water, for he had found the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  He later had another experience with baptism in an icy river.  Can you name the circumstances of the second icy experience?
    ANSWER: Jonathan and Olive Hale, friends of Wilford Woodruff, asked him to baptize their oldest child, Aroet.  Many years later, Aroet wrote the following in a journal: “My father [Jonathan Hale] took the axe along and cut a large hole in the ice.  Elder Woodruff got down into the water and baptized me and several other children.  My name being Hale, and being baptized in ice water, froze me into the Church and I am still with it, thank God!”  More quizzes can be found by clicking here.
  • Quote of the month:  “The gathering of scattered Israel is the greatest work on the earth.” — President Russell M. Nelson.
  • Vocabulary word of the month ignominious – deserving or causing public disgrace or shame  (‘Jesus the Christ’, page 20, line 4).  More vocabulary words can by found by clicking here.
  • Unique girl name of the month:   Paiezlie .  These names are legitimate names encountered by the proprietor of this website. I am not passing judgement on the names. I simply consider them unique.  More unique names can be found by clicking here.
  • Unique boy name of the month: Gamble Lynn Money (first, middle, and last name).  Theses names are legitimate names encountered by the proprietor of this website.  I am not passing judgement on the names. I simply consider them unique.  More unique names can be found by clicking here.