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Scripture Chains

Over the last several years, I have enjoyed compiling ‘scripture chains’, which are lists or collections of scriptures that apply to a given topic.  I have devised a system in my scriptures that allows me to ‘follow’ a given chain that links my favorite scriptures on a given topic.  Thinking that some might find these chains useful, I now share them on my website.  This page will be ‘under construction’ for many months into the future.  Simply click on the light blue topic heading to navigate to the appropriate chain.  If you find these chains interesting, I would recommend that you check out the Bruce Barton Scripture Kit website.  Some of my chains are loosely adapted from the great scripture lists that Bruce Barton has compiled.

Following each listed scripture, you will find a letter and a number.  B = Bible, M = Book of Mormon, D = Doctrine and Covenants, and P = Pearl of Great Price.  The number is the page number of the associated Standard Work wherein the scripture is located.  The page numbers correlate with the standard editions of the LDS scriptures.  The lists do not always start in the Bible and move through to the Pearl of Great Price.  A list can start or end in any one of the Standard Works.  Following each title on the various pages, you will also see another letter and number.  These are simply to help me with cataloging my chains

Click here to see a listing of all scripture chain topics and their alphanumeric identifiers.  Click on any blue topic below to see the chain for a given topic.

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